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There is so much variation in the cost of cake – its not just a bit of flour, egg and sugar Every element takes time to prepare and depending on the flavours and fillings, the costs of cake may vary. We are aware that many dessert companies have popped up recently with a variation of prices that normally reflects the experience of the decorator, however. please do note that Melissa is a qualified Chef / Pastry Chef with over ten years’ experience in cake/sweets (and many more in catering)

Here is a quick guide as a starting point.

A simple round buttercream cake starts from $170

A simple round fondant cake starts from $200

2D cakes start from $250 and 3D from $350.

Cupcakes with a simple buttercream swirl start from $4.50 (min order of 24 units)

Cookies start from $4 (min order of 24 units)

If you purchase from a registered business, you can rest assured that our local council has inspected the premises and deemed it safe for commercial food service purposes. It is also important that the operators are aware of food safety to ensure there is no risk of food poisoning or contamination. Meli-Ann Designs operates from a home kitchen which has been inspected by Inner West Council and approved for operating from.
A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total invoice price is due upon receipt in order to secure your booking. Your booking is not secure until the deposit is made. The balance of the invoice is due 14 days prior to pick up/delivery.

If unforeseen circumstances result in your event being postponed and we are provided with at least one month notice, a revised date (within 6 months from the original date) may be provided pending availability.

Meli-Ann Designs will not do a carbon copy of another cake and will always add our own spin to the design. During the decorating process, we may be required to slightly adjust the design requested to ensure structural and aesthetic integrity.
Delivery may be organised by prior arrangement. Please advise the delivery location when requesting a quote to receive your delivery charge.

Pick Up is free of charge. Collection times are strictly by appointment and we ask our clients to be punctual. If you have any issues with your delivery window, please advise ASAP. As we are not a shopfront, we may have deliveries booked in and may not be able to accommodate a revised pick-up time.

We take extreme care in ensuring our products taste delicious, look amazing and are structurally sound. Upon hand over of your sweets, we will verbally provide storage instructions to ensure that your products will remain in optimum condition for your event. Meli-Ann Designs will not be held liable for any damage that is the result of poor handling (erratic driving, dropping of product etc) or damage by third parties. If there are any concerns with the products received, please advise immediately so we may review and address issues immediately. (i.e don’t eat the entire cake then tell us there was a problem / ask for a discount/refund as we will be unable assist)

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